Diverse sources influence the work of Mizzi's own musical canvas, from the Maltese-inspired Madliena Sonata to European influences in Song of the Sea and Sonata for Six Swans as well as the Hispanic in Tango-Cancion Vieja and Habanera. In his Variations on a Maltese Theme, based on a folk tune known as għanja, its Arabic pedigree is heard, though moderated by Italian harmonies. Chris Kilvington reviewed this piece in Classical Guitar magazine in July 1999, commenting on its 'charming melodic grace'. Much of Mizzi's music shows a remarkable gift for melody with bel canto influences.

The above music has been recorded in the CD "Song of the Sea: Carlos Bonell Plays Gordon Mizzi" was enthusiastically received by critics and broadcasted by a number of radio stations all over the world, including, the Cowan Collection on BBC Radio 3.

The critic, Robert Matthew Walker, writing in Musical Opinion, Britain's oldest classical music magazine in May - June 2007, said in a review of a concert in London: Gordon Mizzi's music is 'fascinating and inventive.' His music is performed by leading guitarists all over the world.

Steve Marsh writing in Classical Guitar Magazine, March 2011 said ‘An optimism shines like a beacon in a lot of his music, however, Mizzi is equally at home composing in a more somber and reflective way when a guitarist of the stature of Carlos Bonell is willing to campaign for a particular composer one must take notice and this composer is certainly one to watch for.’

His music is published by Mel Bay and is performed by leading guitarists all over the world.